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Compound cleaning agent performance test

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With the increasingly strict environmental protection, the discharge pressure of cleaning waste liquid is greater, while the conventional cleaning technology adds more chemicals, the replacement discharge water volume is larger, and the cleaning waste liquid discharge pressure is greater. Therefore, it is extremely urgent to find a composite cleaning agent with the functions of acid, dispersant and corrosion inhibitor. Carboxyethyl thiosuccinic acid (CETSA) has many excellent properties such as water solubility, biodegradability, emulsification and dispersibility, chelating properties, etc. The molecular formula contains three carboxyl and sulfo groups, and has acetic acid and sulfonic acid. It is the strongest organic acid among various organic substances at present. The acidity of 1g carboxyethyl thiosuccinic acid is equivalent to 0.5g 100% glacial acetic acid. Carboxyethyl thiosuccinic acid is not only an organic acid, but also has excellent dispersing and cleaning ability. It is a dispersing and cleaning agent with excellent performance, which can be used in acidic cleaning process. The two processes are combined into one.

The carboxyethyl thiosuccinic acid is formulated into an aqueous solution of about 35%, and the brand name is QD-103, the name is a composite cleaning agent, which has the functions of cleaning, corrosion inhibition, and dispersion. QD-103 has a good cleaning effect on floating rust. Due to its good dispersion properties, it can effectively ease the secondary deposition of iron during the cleaning process. Since only one agent is added during the cleaning process, the cleaning operation is simple, and the cleaning waste liquid is easy to handle. QD-103 dosage is generally controlled at 1000~1500mg/L, pH is generally controlled at 3~5 to achieve the ideal cleaning effect.

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